Eat My Lab Coat Dust: UCI Undie Run Tonight

Break out your favorite undies, Anteaters, as tonight up to 400 UC Irvine students are expected to take part in the bi-annual Undie Run on campus.

Yes, Chapman U and Cal State Fullerton have already had their springtime airing of the unmentionables. Now it's time for you eggheads in egg holders to get in on the nearly NSFW action.

Tonight's mile-long run passes such places as Gateway Study Lounge, Ring Road, BC Cavern and the former UC Student Regent's apartment unit. OK, not sure about that last one.

2010 UCI Undie Runners
2010 UCI Undie Runners
Photo by flickr user fenominal

While the event gives undergrads, post-grads and those posing as undergrads and post-grads an excuse to wear sexy undergarments in decidedly un-sexy Irvine, there is an even larger goal: helping OC Mission Charities.

Donated clothes for the nonprofit can be dropped off at the UCI Student Center stage at 8:30 p.m., when courtesy of 97.1 AMP radio gets the party started.

"I hope you all are ready to strip for a damned good cause come Friday!" Undie Run coordinator Chris Proffitt reminded the 1,000 (at last count) who RSVP'd to the event via Facebook.

See, it's all for charity, so whip off that lab coat, Dexter!


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