Duncan Hunter, Dick Nixon and "Gunga Dana" Rohrabacher

In light of San Diego area rightwing hawk Rep. Duncan Hunter's quixotic bid for the U.S. presidency, MadCow Morning News compiles the Top Ten Reasons to Go Dunkin' With Duncan. (Thanks to the eagle-eyed pal who spotted this and passed it along). Included are comparisons of Hunter to OC's Favorite Disgraced Son ("We are currently in the fifth year of the war in Iraq. Remember the towering figure that came along during the fifth year of the Vietnam War? Right! Richard Nixon!") and a sly reference to OC's Favorite Surfin' Congressman ("Rohrabacher was there when the cult first began to do business as The Enterprise, in Angola, for example, with Jack Abramoff . . . and Oliver North. And Duncan's on a first name basis with them all!")

Now, where have I seen that Gunga Dana photo before? Oh, yeah: right here.


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