Dumbest Criminal of the Week! Nice job, Alonso Jose Lopez!

Alonso Jose Lopez, a Vista Homeboys (VHB) hoodlum, is sitting in a California prison right now and probably wondering why.

Lopez had been sent to prison before and after his release likely thought that the experience made him wiser about avoiding police detection in the future.

But the 34-year-old was wrong and now he's captured an honor:

Yes, it's Orange County's Dumbest Criminal of the Week!

If you're hoping to duplicate Lopez's impressive feat, consider this following checklist:

1. Use your girlfriend's vehicle to rob a Laguna Beach jewelry store.

2. Do nothing to prevent eyewitnesses see you and your accomplices get into your girlfriend's car, eventually abandon it and flee after forgetting to grab the stolen items.

3. Leave inside the get-away vehicle your cell phone, identification card as well as your fingerprints on a zip bag of plastic ties identical to the ones used to tie up the jewelry store employees.

This week a California Court of Appeal based in Santa Ana considered and rejected Lopez's cries that he'd been unfairly convicted of robbery, burglary and street terrorism based on his August 2009 crimes in OC's best city.

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