Dumb Criminals: Burglars Arrested While Returning the Escape Vehicle to Its Owner

Mark one for the Santa Ana police, who,  to nab a pair of home-robbing criminals, used their wits and a bit of old-fashioned police work. Oh, and some plain ol' common sense.

Yesterday morning, a call came in reporting a suspicious man walking out of a neighbor's home with a bag. By the time officers arrived, the suspicious individual was gone. But the neighbor did have a license-plate number.

Officers arrived at the home the license plate indicated and spoke with a man there. He said he had loaned his car out, but that it would be returning that afternoon.

Officers staked out the location, and upon seeing the car rolling down the street, they pounced and arrested a pair of men: Marco Perez, 18, and a 15-year-old boy. Jewelry and cash were found in the car. 

Criminals these days, sheesh.


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