Dumb Aussies Can't Punk John Yoo Properly

So the Left has been all atwitter (and remember the days when that word didn't have a social-network meaning) about the below video, in which some Australian comedians interrupted a class at Chapman University two weeks ago of visiting professor John Yoo, he of the infamous Dubya-era war memos. What's most disturbing isn't that my alma mater invited Yoo to teach a class, that the students would applaud in his defense, or that the Aussies resorted to such a cheap visual (did the guy really have to assume the persona of that poor hooded Guantánamo Bay detainee?

No, what's worse is that the Aussies nailed both Yoo and Chapman without knowing it. The last line in the video has one of the guys yelling, "OK. I'll just go to the human rights class down the road, professor. I think you probably won't be teaching there." Thing is, the Aussies don't even have to go down the road; he could've just visited another part of campus and taken a course by Don Will, head of the school's Peace Studies program, or walked around and found the exhibit on Albert Schweitzer, who long exemplified the Chapman ideal until the GOP hijacked the college back in the 1980s. If the Aussies were true brilliant satirists, they would've made this point. But they're not, so you get amateur hour on the barbie.

Anyway, the video:


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