Dry-Ice Bombs are So Hot Right Now: Seal Beach Police Drop Some Acid (Knowledge)

Dry-ice bombs are so hot right now!

A week after two homemade explosive devices--also known as acid bombs--exploded at Disneyland, police reveal two more have blasted in recent months in the College Park East area of Seal Beach.

Meaning Christian Isaiah Barnes should maybe come up with an alibi.

Christian Isaiah Barnes Pleads Not Guilty to Disneyland Dry-Ice Explosions

"These devices are a basic base + acid= chemical reaction device," reads a Seal Beach Police statement. "The chemical reaction is accelerated by friction, so kids combine the ingredients in a plastic bottle. Once the ingredients are combined and agitated, the chemical reaction results in a rapidly expanding gas. The danger is that there is no way to determine how quickly the gas will expand, but usually the bottle stretches before it blows."

Sounds very sinister indeed, especially to the beverage council running those ads around the clock on the teevee aimed at discouraging Californians from passing soda taxes.

Seal Beach Police warn acid bombs can produce chemical burns or impact injuries from explosions. Anyone who sees or hears one go off is urged to call the police or fire departments.

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