Illustration by Bob AulYou were the punk kid riding in a girl's car with a "W'04" sticker on the back. I was the woman driving an SUV with the anti-Bush sticker. I saw you on the 5 freeway near Culver in beautiful Irvine. I saw you because you pulled up next to me, rolled down your window and gestured for me to roll down mine. I did. At which point you called me a "fucking liberal loser." And then you smiled. I rolled up my window without saying a word. That's because I am smug in the knowledge there's a small—or maybe not-so-small—chance that thanks to your favorite president and the Mess-o-potamian war he started that will probably never end in our lifetimes, you'll get drafted. Oh, yeah, and then you'll die in some Iraqi hellhole. But unlike the 1,300 or so other innocent Americans who have died there—not to mention the tens of thousands more Iraqis—you will have deserved it. Enjoy your war.


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