Dr. Orly Taitz Needs Your Assistance Taking Down Barack Obama

Taitz: "I can't be bought."
Taitz: "I can't be bought."
Christopher Victorio

Dr. Orly Taitz says it's challenging not being "a part of the controlled [Barack Obama] opposition."

For example, Taitz says the mainstream media (MSM) ignores her or pokes fun of her goal to impeach President Obama because he is a native-born citizen of Kenya.

But while the MSM isn't watching, the Orange County dentist says she is on the verge of winning with federal prosecutors (but not Attorney General Eric Holder because he's part of Obama's plot). She says they will "convict [Obama] for this massive fraud perpetrated on the whole nation."

There is a slight problem, however.

She says she needs $20,000 immediately to pay for her ability to keep the Obama conspiracy in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.

"I need your help," Taitz wrote in an email to supporters this morning.

Act now because she says Obama is trying "to silence" her.

Conveniently, her website accepts credit cards HERE.

"Your donations to the cause are much appreciated," wrote the unsuccessful 2010 Republican Party primary candidate for California secretary of state.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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