The bad doctor is in.
The bad doctor is in.
Matt Coker

Medical Board Accuses Dr. David Todd Asher of Prescription Abuses

The Medical Board of California recently filed an accusation against the license of an Anaheim family medicine doctor, according to state records.

The accusation, which is the first disciplinary step in license revocation proceedings, became effective Dec. 28 for the medical license of Dr. David Todd Asher.

Click here to read the state's case.

Two patients visited Asher about 22 times, both beginning in January 2014, with one continuing through February 2016 and second seeing him through April of that year. The first patient complained of menstrual cramps, abdominal pain, insomnia, back aches, anxiety and migraines, and the second was treated for stomach flu, vertigo, insomnia, depression, hyperlipidemia (too much fat in the blood), asthma and pains in the neck, back and stomach.

A third patient saw Asher or his nurse practitioner six times from April 2014 through June 2015, and a fourth visited 12 times from February 2014 through November 2015. Number three was treated for allergic rhinitis, back ache and skin infection, while the fourth was diagnosed with anxiety, depression, painful urination, menstrual cramps, back ache, neck pain, sinusitis, bronchitis and scoliosis.

Over the course of the four treatment time spans, the doctor or his nurse practitioner routinely prescribed each patient different types of controlled substances, according to medical board investigators.

Also, around the exact same date in May 2014, each patient handed Asher a prescription requiring his signature for a compounded topical medication containing a controlled substance, something that had already been prescribed, filled and used by all four patients, alleges the state, which further claims Asher approved the scripts for one-year supplies for each patient without examining them, noting any discussion about their cases on their charts or scheduling follow-up appointments.

The treatment of the four patients constituted gross negligence, repeated negligent acts, prescribing dangerous drugs without proper exams and/or medical indication, failure to maintain adequate records and unprofessional conduct, allege the state regulators, who are seeking a board hearing on the matter.


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