Downtown Santa Ana Gets Bikes!

Downtown Santa Ana Gets Bikes!

Frequently, folks assail the Weekly for never writing anything positive, conveniently ignoring the unrequited love we give restaurants and local bands. Here's some digital teddy bears and rainbows: every other Monday, the fine cabrones at Calacas in downtown SanTana schedule a mass bike ride around town--like Critical Mass, except without the pseudo-leftist philosophical reasoning. I went to the last one, and it was probably the only place outside Memphis that all the parts of SanTana meet--the hipsters and wabs, young and old, middle-class and working. Truly, wonderfully beautiful.

The next one is this Monday--interested folks should meet outside Calacas at 5:30 in the evening, and the ride starts at 6 and lasts an hour. Calacas' address is 324 W. Fourth Street, and their phone number is (714) 662-2002.

And now, Bicycle Repairman!

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