Door-to-Door Pet Inspections Loom

"Who is the pussy, and when did you get her?"

OK, so the questions probably won't be asked that harshly, but Long Beach city employees are going door-to-door for a pet census of sorts.

But, in addition to identifying four-legged friends, workers are looking for something else: $$$.

Let's let a city release do the barking:

License inspectors will be knocking on doors to check on delinquent licenses, initiate a license for a new pet, or to ask for proof of rabies certification. Citations or warnings may be issued for delinquent licenses ($50), and expired rabies inoculations ($100).

In order to avoid a citation for having an unlicensed or unvaccinated animal, residents are encouraged to secure a dog license in advance of the canvassing effort by visiting the PD Pitchford Animal Companion Village at 7700 E. Spring Street, or click here for an online application. Check the website for monthly low-cost pet vaccination, microchipping and licensing clinics.

Damn, a cool $150 in fines! And if your pet papers aren't in order, the city vows to go all Arizona on your ass, except instead of deporting people, they'll deport large bills from your pants.

It's $90 to license a dog who is a playah and $20 if it's had the ol' snip-snip. (An altered cat is free to license until January 1, 2011.) Replacement tags cost $10.

It is estimated more than 225,000 household cats and dogs in Long Beach must be vaccinated against rabies and licensed.

So that's how they're balancing the budget!

Seriously, you wouldn't want your little hairball to get bitten by a rabid bat that blindly flew in from Orange County.

The city will be out knock-knock-knocking on doors (or ringing your bells) starting Friday.

You can beat them to the step by going to Animal Care Services, which is open to the public 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Wednesday through Friday or until 4 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. Visit for directions.


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