Doing the Do-Right Thing

You were the three young people sitting on the curb of Pacific Avenue in Long Beach on a Friday night, and I was the man who, while hurriedly crossing on a red light, caught my foot on the Metro rail line and fell. You rushed to my aid, asked if I was all right, and realized that, even though I said I was, I really wasn't (I had been completely disoriented by the fall). You walked me to the sidewalk, sat me down and repeatedly offered to call an ambulance. And even though I insisted I could get to my hotel on my own, you didn't believe me and made sure that I got there safely. You even went back and retrieved the things I had dropped when I fell and brought them to the hotel. I did, as you insisted, end up going to the emergency room; I required 11 stitches on my face and had broken my elbow! I hope you realize how grateful I am for your kindness.


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