Dog's Best Friend [Hey, You!]
Bob Aul

Dog's Best Friend [Hey, You!]

You were the heavy-set older guy in the navy cap who always used to walk your lion-sized canine around the block and would give my puppy free treats, so he'd squeal as soon as he saw you coming. For an elderly guy, you seemed full of life—and wisdom. You disappeared for a few months last year and when you returned, at half your previous weight, your voice was weak as you told me about your recent hospitalization, and then your life story—how you lost your entire retirement savings because your wife's company went belly-up, but that you were going to keep working in your job as a pastor until death stopped you. You disappeared again a few months back, and yesterday, another dog walker finally told me your time had come. You'll be missed, and not just by my dog.

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