Does Promotion Draw 'Questionable' People to Disneyland?

As part of its What Will You Celebrate? promotion, Disney Resort in Anaheim allows free admission to one of their theme parks on your birthday. Simply sign up. But this, ahem, guest-pool expansion has "backfired," a poster claims today on a discussion board.

"As a Law Enforcement Officer in the State of California, I have noticed the 'What Will You Celebrate' campaign has backfired for Disney," writes "Mr. 230." "My family and I go to Disneyland at minimum two times a year. I say minimum because it is usually way more. We have gone twice in the last month. Let me say I have never, repeat NEVER seen so many 'questionable' people. The free-on-your-birthday promotion has brought people to the park, the wrong kind of people. I have noticed graffiti is on the rise, people are spitting on the ground way more and trash is everywhere. Not to mention my $500 dollar stroller was stolen after one hour of being in the park on a Saturday night. Has anyone one else noticed this and does the Disney Corporation even care?"
Reaction was swift, as the ensuing thread shows. One responder has noticed much the same thing, another offered advice to prevent theft at Disneyland and a third respected the eagle eyes of a trained law enforcement officer. But the majority of commenters had a problem with Mr. 230.
Jestyr: "A law enforcement officer uses the phrase '...the wrong kind of people?' I can't express how deep the shudder is that just went up my spine. This is truly the most terrifying post I've ever read."
Crazy4DL: "What on earth is the 'wrong kind of people'? Btw - what you do for a living doesn't make you judge and jury of who is 'questionable,' if that is what you are trying to infer in your announcement of what your job is."
Infinitely: "You say you have seen 'questionable' people, not just acts, can you tell me what makes someone questionable by looking at them?"
cstephens: "I'm sorry. That was me. Some people seem to have a real issue with a particular jacket that I like to wear, so I'm sorry that it comes off making a bad impression on you, but unfortunately, I can't promise never to wear that jacket again."
ryanvalle: "It was the line where he said 'questionable' people that does have 'questionable meaning.'" 


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