Naturally precious
Naturally precious

Does a California Hells Angel Deserve Ugly Mug Shot Award Honors?

I don't care what horrific criminal-booking photographs Matt Coker produces this week.

No matter what he does, he won't be able to top my nominee for Ugly Mug Shot of the Week! honors here at OC Weekly's world headquarters in Costa Mesa.

John Phillip Lloyd--you handsome devil, come on down!

And make sure you smile.

Can you guess Lloyd's age in this mug shot?


Answer: 40.

I guess that's what membership in the Hells Angels can do for your looks.

Lloyd got this picture taken after he tried to crush a rival gangster's skull with a billiard ball at Blackie's By the Sea, a Newport Beach bar, in 2007.

This week, a California Court of Appeal sided with the Orange County district attorney's office in a ruling that overturned a prior judge's decision to block prosecutors from pursuing felony gun-possession charges against Lloyd.

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