Doctors, Viewers Defend Mom Feeding Autistic Son Pot Brownies

Doctors, Viewers Defend Mom Feeding Autistic Son Pot Brownies

A Fountain Valley mother told Good Morning America this week that marijuana saved her 10-year-old autistic son's life.

"At first I did some research, and I found a doctor who actually had a protocol for medical marijuana in children diagnosed with autism," says Mieko Hester-Perez.

She turned to feeding cannabis-loaded brownies to her son Joey Perez when his weight had become dangerously low due to his unwillingness to eat.

"You could see the bones in his chest," she said of the boy, who only weighed 46 pounds. "He was going to die."

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The mom told the national morning news program that she herself has never used pot, but she is convinced, "The marijuana balanced my son. My son had self-injurious behaviors. He was extremely aggressive, he would run out of our house . . . he was a danger to himself and others."

Of the 122 comments to the online version of the GMA story as this post was being banged out, most applauded the mother's choice. Another mother even indicated she will look into medical marijuana for her autistic child.

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