Do I Bid on Dennis Rodman's Green Velvet Jacket or the Portraits of Adolf Hitler's Folks?

The dilemma facing collectors is this: shell out now for Dennis Rodman's boa, dollhouse (!?!) and green-velvet jacket or save the scratch to bid later on the oil paintings of Adolf Hitler's parents?

South Coast Auction of Santa Ana is unloading the Worm's clothing, furniture and memorabilia on Wednesday. Online auctioneer Craig Gottlieb opens up month-long bidding on the portraits of the Führer's mutter and vater on Sept. 1, the 72nd anniversary of Germany's invasion of Poland!

The former honorary mayor of Newport Beach
The former honorary mayor of Newport Beach

Much of what South Coast Auction will have up for bid, which you can see here, are mundane items you'd find at a neighborhood garage sale: used CDs, tables missing tops, metal file cabinets, a DVD collection, lamps missing bulbs and/or shades, bed frames, old treasure chests, a marble slab, a used sofa, luggage, an old TV and Halloween decorations.

Unusual are the shoes and clothing, which include many pairs of athletic shoes and several knee-length coats and jackets in velvet, leopard prints and shiny materials. There's also a silk robe, a bright pink dress shirt and a pair of green boots to match that green velvet jacket.

Keep in mind that the former owner of Josh Slocum's in Newport Beach stands 6-foot-8 and wears a size 14 shoe.

Unique furniture and decor items include a pool table, artsy cabinets, quilts, tribal masks and drums, a bronze engraving of a Roman scene and Rodman's own portable red carpet. Sports collectors will gravitate toward the awards, trophies, game balls (some signed), locker room benches and a small figurine of Sir Freak with an accompanying bust.

Do I Bid on Dennis Rodman's Green Velvet Jacket or the Portraits of Adolf Hitler's Folks?
Craig Gottlieb Auctions

Down the coast in Solana Beach, the Jewish-raised Gottlieb, whose father fought in the Pacific during World War II, continues the tradition that began when he started collecting military memorabilia as a six-year-old boy and was solidified when he unearthed the desk set Hitler used to sign the 1938 Munich Pact.

The portraits of Alois and Klara Hitler, which are believed to have been commissioned by their son when he led the Nazi Party in Germany in the 1930s, could fetch $100,000 or more. Bidding opens at $18,000, according to Craig Gottlieb Auctions.

The paintings are said to have been liberated from Hitler's mountain retreat and their whereabouts were unknown until recently. They are currently owned by a family member of the French veteran who liberated them after the war, according to Gottlieb, whose site features an image of the source of Klara Hitler's portrait for authenticity: a photograph kept in a wooden locket that is owned by Wolfe-Hardin Antiquities (and not included in the current auction). The site is to be updated with several more paintings taken from the Hitler household that will be up for bid. 

Gottlieb notes that improper storage caused minor damage to the family portraits, which were "professionally and archivally restored at signficant cost, by a company that performs work for major musuems worldwide." The paintings are now under UV protectant plexiglass to further protect them and allow viewing of the reverse of the canvas.

This passage from the product description below includes more disclaimers and notes that Holocaust charities will receive a portion of proceeds and that bids from neo-Nazis are verboten:

These are the mother and father of National Socialism. There is great mystery surrounding the ethnic background of Alois Hitler, who many historians say was the illegitimate child of a Jewish man. Klara was said to have eyes like Medusa, as a direct result of this painting. Historically, the value of these objects cannot be understated. We have placed a VERY low opening bid on this set which we believe to be a fraction of their actual value, with no reserve. Therefore, these paintings can be within reach of all collectors wishing to have a shot at owning an important piece of history. Please note: the winner of this auction may, at his or her expense, order an evaluation of these paintings by an art historian (preferably someone who works at one of the major museums worldwide), who will confirm that these are indeed the original specimens. Please also note that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these paintings will be donated to a charity that supports Holocast remembrance or victim compensation. Please also note that we reserve the right to reject any bid from a group or individual that promotes, endorses, or is a part of neo-Nazism.


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