D'Marie Mulattieri, Former Irvine Occupier, Running for Congress

One of the chief organizers of the Irvine Occupation, D'Marie Mulattieri, told the Weekly today she'll be running for the United States Congress. Campaigning as an independent candidate she'll run against against the current officeholder, Republican Ed Royce

Mulattieri was instrumental in the formation of the Occupy movement here in Orange County, which enacted a long-term protest on the lawn of Irvine City Hall last fall.
However, at the end of the Irvine occupation, a rift emerged between Mulattieri and others in the camp, which she said was infiltrated by an anarchist element, amid debates over control of community donations and the future use of occupation as a tool of protest.

Though she's since distanced herself from the movement, she spoke positively about the continued efforts of Occupy, specifically protesters in Santa Ana. She also referred to an incident last March in Huntington Beach where two protesters allegedly vandalized a Chase bank with trash and glitter.

"Occupy Santa Ana is doing a really good job on drawing attention to the plight of homeless people," she said. "And I think what happened in Huntington Beach weeded out a lot of that element I was dealing with in Irvine."

This Saturday, Mulattieri will be hosting presidential candidate Rocky Anderson at her house. Anderson will give a speech followed by a question and answer session. A former mayor of Salt Lake City, Anderson is a member of the newly formed Justice Party.

"Our platforms run parallel," said Mulattieri. "We just really think a lot alike...He's about getting the money out of politics. He will not take more than $100 from private donors."

Those interested in attending this weekend's event can call (949) 429-9877 or email  electdmarie@yahoo.com.

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