Disney's Imagineering Attorneys

The first sentence tells both what you already knew, and in many ways, all you need to know.

In Anaheim, even the tie goes to Disney.

That's the first sentence of Dave McKibben's story in the LA Times on how an attempt to build low-income housing in Anaheim was killed Tuesday.

But what really makes the story worth reading is its account of how Disney manufactured the tie vote by the Anaheim city council.  Some might say Disney's attorneys intimidated Councilwoman Lucille King into recusing herself, thereby setting up the tie vote that killed the affordable housing project.  Some might say Mickey's members of the bar strongarmed her.  I prefer to say they "imagineered" a menacing specter of "civil or criminal penalties", if King performed her duties as a member of the council and voted on the project.

Read the story here.


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