Obama pardons last year's lucky bird, "Courage."
Obama pardons last year's lucky bird, "Courage."
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Disneyland Stops Housing POTUS-Pardoned Turkey

They've got a mouse and a duck. Starting this year, Disneyland no longer needs a turkey.  

The theme park will stop putting out the welcome mat for the National Thanksgiving Turkey and its understudy, the two lucky birds selected to be pardoned by the president--and not become dinner--in an annual ceremony. Since 2005, the feathered creatures served as the grand marshals in a Thanksgiving parade and then lived at the park.   

A Disneyland spokesperson

told the Register

that officials decided the turkeys don't fit with the parks' new promotional them, "Let the Memories Begin," which is based on visitors' memories. 

While the Disney tradition has been gobbled, the turkeys won't be orphans. This year, the birds will live at the less-sunny George Washington's Mount Vernon Estates and Gardens in Virginia. President Barack Obama is expected to hold the ceremony next week.


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