Disneyland Hotel Workers Urge Academy Award Members to Not Vote for Toy Story 3 as Best Picture

I don't really go to movies anymore, but I don't think Toy Story 3 is on anyone's short list of nominees for the Academy Award for Best Picture, even with its expanded roster--it's a cartoon*! [Editor's note: Actually, it is on several people's short list for the award, and Disney is actively campaigning for it.] [Editor's note note: See the asterisk below.] But that isn't stopping UNITE HERE Local 11, the union representing the Disneyland Resort's hotel workers in a bitter labor dispute, from protesting a screening of the film tonight at the Disney studios in Burbank and bringing their brilliant guerrilla protests (where people dress up as Disney characters) to the House of Mouse.

Video by Unite Here appropriating Toy Story imagery for its cause after the jump!

*Oh, and if I didn't make myself clear earlier, my first sentence was a joke. The first commentator got it; the second, not so much. I still say the Fleischer brothers should've had the success Disney had...


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