Disneyland Fireworks Exploded While Anaheim Protested Against Police Shootings=Greatest Moment in OC History!

Wow: if ever you needed a Nero fiddling moment for the mess that is Anaheim, it happened this night, just around the time when protestors angry at the police shooting deaths of Manuel Diaz and Joel Acevedo were facing off against police: Disneyland shot off its fireworks, completely oblivious of the chaos going on just up Harbor Boulevard, about 5 minutes away.

For reals.

Now, you surely can't expect The Mouse to turn off its fireworks while the city that hosts it is in near-riot mode, right? The show must go on!

But still: the surreal site of Disneyland's fireworks blowing up at the most inappropriate moment possible not only ensures the Happiest Place on Earth's continued participation in the history of OC anarchy (see: Yippies occupation of Tom Sawyer Island), but will be a moment I will retell FOREVER. This encapsulates the bizarre reality that is Orange County more than ANYTHING that's ever happened or ever will. And the Sunkist memories carry on...

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