Dishney: Tweets From the Park!

Welcome to Tweets From the Park, our weekly roundup of some of the best--and the worst--tweets from the park that's only sometimes the happiest place on earth. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

Digital__SpaZz: @iggnasty u better get Drunk with me tomorrow at Disneyland or else biitch 
Brandon2buyasin: Mother fucking Disneyland bitches...I'm gonna rape mickey 
Twonny: @danamcanaria sorry. :( I didn't mean to share your story about you falling in Disneyland and bumping into a fat guy's stomach. 

strongsinger: Just ran my fat ass around the whole disneyland park looking for the matterhorn! okay. well at least i'll lose weight. :) 
greensuburbs: Disneyland is so full they didn't send us to Buzz Lightyear parking. We parked at Pongo. PONGO? WTF?! 
trevorUTG: Dear fat hideous white trash lady, why is it ok for you to be standin in one of the busiest lines at disneyland breast feeding with no cover 
GregGALAXY: Now that philip has offended every cripple, its time to leave disneyland. GREAT DAY. and lori had sex with oyst 
imacutyouu: WTF jus heard that disneyland drained the pool by some ride and found a girl dead body down there and Im goin this Friday not cool 
BBManik: Is it a waste of a trip to have sex in the Disneyland hotel? I think it would be stupid not to 
Hiredzombie: Oh Wtf, i thought i saw my cousin at disneyland. I mean how many short fat mexicans where pimp hats? 
clenggg: @JohnnyMillz hello brother from another why arent we following eachother?? CAN WE GO TO DISNEYLAND?! 
TheRickyV: @meara76 My bad. I should have given you a shout. Too late now, I've been arrested for stumbling round Disneyland drunk and naked. 
DoWat: Picking up my sister @ disneyland,wanna get drunk and this place is so congested. Next time I c mickey he is getting fucked up on the spot 
onlyndreams27: We have major Disneyland hangover. WTF. My everything hurts 
MissMaris15: Q:craziest place you've had sex? A:disneyland and i`m not saying where exactly...


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