Dishney: Tweets From the Park

Here's our weekly round-up of our favorite tweets this week from Disneyland Resort. Some vulgar, some gross, some mean, but all definitely funny. The best tweet o' the week goes to the gal complaining about "fat chicks" and their cleavage. Suh-weet.

We were at the park on Wednesday. The good news? The crowds have thinned out now that most of the kidlets are back in school. The bad news? The line for a Dole Whip was just as long as the lines for most of the rides. Also good: The momma duck and four ducklings wiggling their butts right around the Walt/Mickey statue. Aw. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

rissaendriga: Waiting outside the Disneyland bathrooms while @Leeyoo takes a fuckin' shit. Hurry the fuck up! Hahahahah  
AuntieShibby: Woke up, had sex, took a shower, and am about to be off to Disneyland today. Fuck yeah bitches.  
zshannon: Ogre family in front of us gorging on pink turkey legs. Gross. And we have to stare at it for an hour in Splash Mountain line. #Disneyland  
debbiedayglo: I need to wake up in, like, four hours. My family is going to Disneyland or some shit. Who knows. I'm totally not excited at all.  
seanmongan: Autopia is as fun as cancer...get that shit out of Disneyland. 
forgetmepill: i've never been to disneyland. i plan on going when i'm fourty, and i will have hot kinky sex with mickey mouse. oh yeahhh~  
eBeth: @apdunne Well. One day we had sex at Disneyland Paris and nine months later. Ka-bam! 
indilay: Gross. Why do fat chicks hang their weird tits out at Disneyland?  


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