Dishney: Tweets From the Park!

Ah, yes, it's Tweets From the Park, our weekly Friday feature where we round-up the funniest, weirdest, grossest, and usually, yes, most insulting, tweets from Disneyland Resort! Our favorite this week? The gal who wants to punch a little girl's face for wearing a Twilight shirt. Aw! Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

Dark_Faerie89: Disneyland is awesome, France sucks ass!
tradevoorhees: Finally home from the land of Disney, Today's lesson kids? Even my white ass is too hood for Disneyland.
brycef: I saw a woman at Disneyland with her kid and her ass was sticking out of her shorts. Classy, really.
losmarkamos: Not even in Disneyland for half an hour and I've already bought a wookie backpack FTW.
mikecarano: Dear guy at Disneyland, Licking your fingers is rude and disgusting. Especially when you do it "dildo style".
SeanMertan: Today must be "bring your adorable baby to Disneyland" day because there are some freakin cute kids in the park!! I'm not a pedophile btw.
killakels: My flight is full of screaming children sad to be leaving disneyland & cage fighters with awesome frosted faux hawks. Fml.
ThatGirlSedonah: Haha wow. In the hidden restroom here at Disneyland, it stunk like weed xD 
alittletrendy: Little girl in Twilight shirt, I know your ass can't even read. I. Will. Punch. Your. Face #Disneyland
DillenDeww: Disneyland can suck my dick.
alltimedestinee: wow, disneyland can suuck my dick! 

TheWerd: @mixmastercash Putthat bitch on the track for every kid to ride like the disneyland monorail
monikiikii: We goin to mutha fuckin DISNEYLAND.. Bitches!!!.
xGYPSiEx: had the best phil class yet :) my teacher was talkin bout how he got caught smokin weed at disneyland lmao
dickdarlington: On the shuttle for Disneyland since Walt Disney's frozen corpse decided he wanted to be an asshole and close off the closer parking garage.
defragc: ANYone who doesn't love Disneyland is an asshole
alexisvaldez: I dreamt I was at a Disneyland poetry slam with Miley Cyrus. I read a poem called "Disparate", sat back down and chugged a Corona.
rdellysgrl: Disneyland is full of classy peeps. Example: a man yelling, "This place is like MILF city man!"
sarahsaysohey: Never say the words "screw you" in disneyland. Everyone will stare at you.
camsteh: Fly in a plane? I've flown on Air Force One. Go to Disneyland? I've held Walt Disney's frozen head in my hands.
alittletrendy: Rode Tower of Terror. 4-year-old who claimed he "had to pee" did. Party pooper. #Disneyland
Twilighter169: Got kicked out of Disneyland!! wtfff!!! who gets kicked out of Disney???


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