Dishney: Tweets From the Park!

Anybody unlucky enough to be working on the Friday after Thanksgiving? No fear: Tweets From the Park will make it allll better. (Kind of. For like, three minutes, at least.) Read through our weekly feature where we gather together all the best, funniest and most irreverent tweets from Disneyland all in one convenient place just for you. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

mandark88: You're like Santa Claus on Prozac in Disneyland having sex.

kristinediokno: #questionyouhate (i work at disneyland and wear ugly costums) "excuse me do you work here?" NO SHIT!

jhernandez6: The parking guy just said "oh shit" at disneyland... :( rude

daniespice: Shit were not even at disneyland yet and we alrdy lost our kid!!

: at disneyland about to ride the star wars ride :) i wanna take the R2D2 HOME AN MAKE HIM MY BITCH!

alexinksit: Laundry done. My closet looks like an obese person at Disneyland who might keel over any second from a mild cardial infarction.

iheaRtCrystal: How do I almost get kicked out of Universal Studios for flipping off the camera but mason doesn't out of Disneyland?!

smata: @Mindy_NKOTB #rememberwhen you almost fought that girl at disneyland 4 talking shit about the kids?! & jonathan was gonna cry? Hahaha

xoKharinaah: I remember yelling over the phone at mickey mouse in disneyland two yrs ago after that bastard called the room at 5am:"wakey wakey!!!"

tiffanythedork0: even in fucking disneyland, shes gonna bitch at me in front of people, fuck my life

SexyBeyatchcook: *gets a call damm pussluva9*yeah what da fuck you want bitch I'm at disneyland, yeah ill meet you Thursday...ok bye* damm bitch

stephfrere: WTF is up w/ lady gaga? she looks like an ant in the disneyland's electric parade...

teamruckus1: I will not with this tall bitch grindin her asshole on Ray J's too little to ride the teacups at Disneyland's ass...

iamwray: Wtf. Is Arizona the disneyland for old people?

Racheezy: Last time i was at disneyland i was taking advantage of magic this time at disneyland i'm holding a child's hand. Karmas a bitch.

missinthia:: The pastors wife from trueblood is a bitch... She's at disneyland and line hoping.


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