Dishney: Tweets From the Park!

Time for Tweets From the Park, where we gather the funniest, weirdest, grossest and most interesting tweets from Disneyland Resort for your reading pleasure. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

mikecarano: Addict, thief, rapist, wife beater. I'm at Disneyland judging people based on looks & body language. OMG! A guy who has sex with his sister.

Tubehole: Holy fuck America is fat and the fattest people all seem to be at Disneyland. Eating.

genelegend: A bird just shit on my cousin at Disneyland. Bahahah

marfar: Dude, there are fucking REINDEER at Disneyland right now. Michael srrsly lost his fucking mind when he saw them.

steezykyeezy: yuuu oOoLL i get more foot traffic than disneyland kuz i advertise my mouth as the happiest place on earth 4 a niggas dick lookin ass bitch!

mikecarano: Listening to a Dad in Disneyland repeat "I want a pickle" over & over. You're the fucking man of the house, get a God damn pickle.

nikkisavage: Disneyland is just so fucking magical.

seandaisy: Not everyone can afford to go to Disneyland, but running around your local Toys R Us drunk is a close facsimile.

RyThizz: Just smoked a bowl inside DisneyLand!! Yea I kno I fucking rule!!

DelJones66: Ok I'm over this happy Disneyland shit. Clever marketing and dumb people make for a profitable business. Where's the closet strip club?

princeRAMPAGE: stop that shit, forreal. uc is like disneyland for niggas in the town

RedBessBonney: had fun at Disneyland - until we put the boy in the car in the parking lot and he proceeded to puke all over himself and the backseat. :(

siscokiddd: A mom at Disneyland going ape-shit on her 11 year old daughter. Foodstuff

jvhdior: What is up witt fat gay Mexicans and Disneyland and Morrissey? Its a Thang!#notracist

SusieFierce Supposed to be a Disneyland right now. *sads* I wish we hadn't broke up. Does anyone know where I can get an ABC executive voodoo doll?

EliteActing: Spent the day at Disneyland in the pouring windy cold rain. With oversensitive women. Great fuckin day. Plus. The pizza sucked.

eileenmarina: $97 for a park hopper ticket??!! Disneyland baby, don't you make enough money already without violating the middle class?!


str8thagr8: @ disneyland watching birds sing!? WTF!

DJHeaven: Espn zone for lunch. Gonna be drunk at disneyland oh yeah!

LakiUlo: @TganoDunn I will def be Twit Picking my Drunk ass in DisneyLand..hahaha

LilAznSp0nge: just saw some people walking into club 33 in disneyland... my heart just broke in two...


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