"Mickey Mouse" by Flow TWE Bayonne
"Mickey Mouse" by Flow TWE Bayonne

Dishney: Tweets From the Park!

It's Tweets from the Park, where we round up the week's funniest and most eyebrow raisin' tweets from Disneyland Resort. You know, we've been doing this feature for some time now, but it still amazes us the things people will put out there on the internet for everyone to see. Oh well: It's still funny for the rest of us. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

"Mickey Mouse" by Flow TWE Bayonne
"Mickey Mouse" by Flow TWE Bayonne

BlaikAwesome: Fuck disneyland. Im not changing shit. They can suck my angled dick  

speakz: If you didn't receive/ give your first blow job in the 3d Captain EO movie @ Disneyland you arent a real Michael Jackson fan. Fuck off  

jaceycoy: I need new advertisement followers. Let's try this and see what happens! beer. san diego. Jesus. disneyland. therapy. Christmas. sex.  

robertmain: I dont think ive ever shit at Disneyland which amazes me.  

danielspengies: @x_Ashleyyy_x lol my brother works at disneyland now. But apparently @iamdiddy and his entourage of mouth breathers were doing drugs  

lexylynn: Drunk at Disneyland whattt what hahahaahhaa  

greatamerican01: Obama should pardon a lot of turkeys in the White House and send them to Disneyland. He really has some dumb and goofy employees.  

Reptarxx: Holy shit there was a straight edge gang in the mid 90s at disneyland who beat up smokers  

Eaten_Popheart: Welcome in the world of fat, chinese and shouting people. Children running around like this is the Chinese Disneyland  

coolstoryxbro: don't people get tired of Disneyland when they go like everyweek. srsly iI hate fighting with fat foreigners who can't even speak English.  

FlYyCUNTbIsH: @beatabish u go to disneyland holding a slab of cardboard that reads "will fuck your children for food"  

_loveisjade: Kids @ disneyland be actin' dumbbb as fuck! Ugh, I'm bout to go in on this 13yr. old, calm the fuck down.  

Schuey2k2: Have a great time at Disneyland, Olivia! And try not to make fun of too many fat people while you are  

SarahTorgerson: People at disneyland can go fuck themselves 

nitadarling: Fuck Disneyland...Costco is the happiest place on earth!  

Dear_Sergio22: Ohmyfuckinggod. My mother drags me to drive my sister to Disneyland and she bitches about how fat I am. 9AM is too early for this shit.  

charlottetpham: We were gonna be "ride buddies" for disneyland, but now since you're a fucking douche, you can go by yourself. Fuck you & your bullshit lies  

JGDillard: Hour 10 in Milwaukee Airport: Found food, but getting sick. Body becoming weak. Saw a fat family wearing camo pants and Disneyland shirts.  

Princessp1193: Some people are just mean and hate me and they are old ass moms that should be nice this is disneyland and fuck ur a mom!  

TomKaulitzLuv: RT @NeNerds: my brother is under investigation by the union at Disneyland.......fuck!!!!!!!!!! i can no longer go to Disney for free!!!!!!!!  

Vanessa_bby: Only my little sister would put me in a bad mood at disneyland! What a snobby little bitch!!!!!  

angrylilgurl: The presidentially pardoned turkey gets to go to disneyland? What a lucky bitch  

pezthedrummer: Aww, so sweet lol RT @CORALBURNSRED Dear dirty fuckin bitch at Disneyland.Go near him I will slit your throat with a razorblade. Love Coral.  

joylian: At Disneyland. America is FAT, yo.  


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