Dishney: Tweets From the Park
Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland

Dishney: Tweets From the Park

Ah, Friday: It signifies not only the coming of the weekend but our totally awesome weekly feature Tweets From the Park, where we gather up the best of the worst of irreverent/weird/hilarious tweets from Disneyland Park. Fave this week? The dude that refers to children as "crotch fruit." Ew? Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly

ALIASman09: I saw a mother with all four of herkidson leashes at disneyland. Fucking ridiculous -PuDgE-
Gabe___: Theres a whole bunch of fat emo kids here at disneyland
MissiGirl: Disneyland sex isn't for amateurs....they've got crazy security, which just makes it hotter and more forbidden!!! YUM!!! Double dog dare ;)

BenPaddon: Dear parents at Disneyland: for the love of Glod, keep an eye on your fucking crotch fruit.
mikecarano: There is a guy at The Disneyland Hotel bar that sounds EXACTLY like Fat Albert. Not because he's fat, or black. Because he's illiterate.
WolfofIdris: I almost had to kick some dudes ass at Disneyland fucking Disneyland.
KarlaDuarte: man stupid family they think im dumb and i dont talk proper fuck you will see who needs tickets for disneyland fuck you guys
Paynfulone: There might be a chance i will get a full time job @ Disneyland!!!!!! Fuck, but i hate kids.....
nenaaa: "Disneyland and sex will solve all our problems."
fanofme80: @StacyKeibler bitch if u can go to disneyland u should be able to respond to fans but since u cant fuck you and your parents
Piiiiiipe: Ima hit disneyland cuz dreams come true there, roscoes chicken n waffles n the function so I can b like "fuck the jerk bitch I get hyphy"
chefboyarp: @jordins_momma a pineapple float at disneyland. Lol. Its quite delicious. I feel like my taste buds are having group sex!
johnpRon: fuck im not going to disneyland fuckin end of the fuckin world. shit man
LickingMileyC: Disneyland Halloween sex with Miles.


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