"Someone ran a stroller right into it. And I laughed."
"Someone ran a stroller right into it. And I laughed."

Dishney: Tweets From the Park

Welcome to this week's Tweet's from the Park, our Friday feature where we gather the best and most interesting (and grossest. And weirdest. And most racist. And...) tweets from Disneyland Park for your reading pleasure. Our fave this week? The dude willing to exchange sex for Disneyland tickets--and he'll even sing "It's a Small World" during the act. Ew? Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

Andy_Mackenzie: At Disneyland for my girl's 4th bday. The happiest place on earth. Fuck yeah.
jonpauldoerr: Fuck you hipster couples at Disneyland. Stop making me remember I'm lonely.
HeyShawnHey: Beef Jerky and drunk Disneyland. FTW!
katieperoxide: has Ryan Ross really just said "The Beatles are nature's Disneyland. Don't let me forget" ? SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT THE BEATLES. YOU COCK
junksack: I'd have sex for Disneyland tickets. And I'd even let you sing "It's a Small World" during.
HelloHayden: Holy shit the fatest fuckin bitch in disneyland just sat in front of us. R boats gonna sink. 


: Best part of Disneyland is getting hit with a metal chain because you are to busy playing with your BlackBerry to be a parent. Thanks bitch


: I think Disneyland is on to me now. They didn't let me do the "I'm dropping someone off" lie. Now we have to pay for parking. BS!!!


: Been seeing a bunch of cute little girls in princess costumes at Disneyland. Then I saw the fat tinkerbell....


: @Febzzter DisneyLand will always be better and Weed doesn't have withdrawal because you are an idiot and you should smoke some


: Julie said if I proposed to her at Disneyland today, doom would come upon me. Gross. Whadaya all think? Doom or no doom?


: It's weird that Disneyland has Yelp.com reviews. If you have to consult the internet to know if Disneyland is right for you, go back to bed.


: @BoneNyou nigga u got kicced out of disneyland for trying to rape mickey


: Scott patiently waiting for me to get drunk before going into Disneyland. Isnt he cute?


: Sex is like going to Disneyland - tons of different rides, plenty to eat, fireworks at midnight - only better because there is no queue.


: Im drunk at disneyland!


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