Whoa there.
Whoa there.
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Dishney: Tweets from the Park

It's Disneyland's 54th birthday today--and none more appropriate of a day for our weekly roundup of some of the best--and the worst--tweets from the park that's only sometimes the happiest place on earth. There's plenty of the usual complain-y too-crowded, too-pricey tweets but the one from Twitter user totemototem takes the cake with his link to the above photo of the Little Mermaid outgrowing her little shell bra at the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con. Awkward. Follow us @OCWeekly!

cs76ca: What a treat, I was harassed @ Disneyland by a dumb employee who didn't believe I was the person pictured on my annual pass.

DezrtEagle: I dont think I can have a gf that I meet at a bar or lounge. I wana meet a girl at Disneyland. The girls there are wholesome, cuter.

JeffBryanDavis: I spent 35 minutes on hold with Disneyland's Lost and Found yesterday. No man should ever have to listen to that much Miley Cyrus.

RyanChayseSmith: Mmm overpriced, overfried, stomach stretching, artery clogging Disneyland park food.

exilederek: @Kiwichiwi13 heh Disneyland would be great with no kids AND I could do without most of the adults.

totemototem: Khir Toyo blew US$400K in Disneyland http://is.gd/1C394 can c why. 4 sexy pretty girls n Mermaid's seashell bra almost falling off her tits.


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