Dishney: Tweets From the Park

The new Fantasmic! dragon--his name's Murphy, seriously--might have premiered this week, but we're still more interested with you people out there broadcasting hilarious(ly inappropriate) shit all over Twitter. Our favorite this week goes to the dude stoked over the Disney/Marvel union announced Monday--"X-MEN RIDE WITH FUCKING LASERS AND SHIT!" Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

touj0urspur: fuck you fireworks @ disneyland. stop exploding through my apartment with your happy faces and colours  

hellfish_family: Really bare fucking feet at disneyland!?! Come on people.  

mylungs: i got paid more for my last week than i thought i would. huzzah! fuck it, i'm going to disneyland! or buying a mac, whatever.  

homemadeheroes: wait...I'm curious how this will affect Disneyland. X-MEN RIDE WITH FUCKING LASERS AND SHIT. HELL YEAH.  

ibleedbloo: @JamieLight Thought of you today on Splash Mountain at Disneyland when the D-bag behind me threw up the "shocker" during the drop photo.

yayimcool: I get annoyed when people talk about disneyland like they own it or invented it. Walt made this shit, not you!  

jontue: Damnit,this shit is going to far.I just saw a big ass poodle with shoes on...In disneyland.The madness has to stop. 

imonblast: Plus wtf does any grown guy like Disneyland. 2 reasons, there is only 1 acceptable excuse, your kids. The other is being whoped. F the OC


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