Dishney: Tweets From the Park!

Welcome to Tweets From the Park, our weekly roundup of some of the best--and the worst--tweets from the park that's only sometimes the happiest place on earth. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

jessicaaalynn: i want my own reality tv show... it'd be a fuckin hit! it would consist of disneyland, food, and vodka. lots of vodka.
melanieyay: Ummm Disneyland is selling Ed Hardy shit #timetodie
WH1SKS: I can't wait to tweet live from @Toestubber's Golf Academy. It's almost magical, like Disneyland but without fat kids.
JewlsRose: The Disney Gods won't let a tornado hit Disneyland, right?

AlanYou: According to Disneyland, I'm overweight and ugly. I wanna cry. :(
MoeNitty: shit, I sex at Disneyland on a ride and people were lie!
DarlingNikki323: @BUTTERY_D Someone told theres a shit load of sex offenders that live by Disneyland! & it's suppose to be "the happiest place on earth"!!
makeitawesome: Dear dumb bitches at CA Adventure shut the fuck up MY DAD IS SO RICH HE CAN BUY DISNEYLAND TWICE fuckin SKANK.
shawneboyy: Like seriously what are goth people doing at disneyland. Fairy tails do not involve trenchcoats wtf
urmodersohawt: Tornado watch in SoCal. Does that mean Disneyland is gonna get owned?
FueledByAstrid: Ommgggg backstage disneyland is so ugly
AnthonyCastro3: Apparently you can get kicked out of Disneyland and arrested for calling someone a "Fat Bitch"
amandadaunais: Pissed that my friend bailed on disneyland. I guess I have to save up for a car instead. #FML
bryandeleon: Just got busted by an undercover disneyland worker. Wtf.
richxelle: our stupid ling ling principal cancelled disneyland for us... GO SUCK AN EGG ROLL YOU BOBBLEHEAD MOFO
jonjonbailey: Disneyland is really quiet today - so much more fun without hoards of ugly Americans.
mikecarano: Dear neck tattoo guy next to me at Disneyland, If "I'm stupid, watch your back, I might attack you" was the message? Mission accomplished.
koricarmack: I swear dana has the wierdest bf ever he is over here singing the stupid disneyland theme song WHAT A LOSER!! *Peace*
llBRDll: fuckin hate disneyland no one is here and they still want to keep me till 11 its fuckin ponitless!!!!
starryskydreams: "To Rachel, sex was disneyland, and i was the ride."
QBStyles: Damn red velvet cake is like disneyland, sex and kool-aid all at the same time.
TheLastLaugh_LA: Disneyland in the rain with my sons crazy ass friends should be interesting
TheCurseOfTish: Taylor Swift's body's not a wonderland. She's too fukkin innocent n shit. Her body's more like... Disneyland.


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