Dishney: Tweets From the Park!

Wow, it's Friday already? When's the next holiday again? Here's this week's Tweets From the Park, where we round-up our favorite tweets involving the park that's only sometimes the happiest place on earth. Our pick o' the week goes to the guy celebrating his first new job in over a year... and is putting on his three keyboard cat moon shirt and going to Disneyland. Yep. Follow us on Twitter at @OCWeekly

lesliexxx: fuck, I love disneyland. never disappoint..except when old ladies try to start shit...crazy bitch.  
trickstermac: Just booked a commercial. 1st job in over a year! I'm puttin' on my 3 keyboard-cat-moon shirt, grabbing my wife and going to Disneyland!  
jenskiii: At the happiest place on earth (hooters) fuck disneyland!

SkubaIVYLEEGUE: RT @JBillion Disney bought Marvel!? Fack!!  
LoveAlwaysNikki: RT @RobinSteelxxx: What's the wildest place u ever had sex?HollywoodChrisM: i worked there for 4 years! ill tell u whats wrong! RT @ashleyhollabakk @HollywoodChrisM wtf is wrong with Disneyland!
worstquality: Overheard at Disneyland: "I'm dreading the fucking D23 convention coming next week. Bunch of Disney goddamned freaks all over the place."  
trickstermac: Hey Guy yelling & calling your wife piece of shit in front of your kids, hope U enjoyed your stay @ Disneyland. & hope you R divorced soon  
SandsB8: I made my baby cousin puke last night for her 21st birthday at Disneyland and it didnt involve any spinning on the tea cups! it was awesome!  


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