Dishney: Tweets From the Park!

Welcome to Tweets From the Park, our weekly roundup of some of the best--and the worst--tweets from the park that's only sometimes the happiest place on earth. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

DJWHIZARD: Drunk at disneyland by noon. today is win.
AceDove1920: @FL1RT why is that grown ass man wearin a Disneyland jersey anyways?
casienguyen: Seriously? A 45 minute frikin line to get into 85 degrees? Wtf. this isnt disneyland. Its bread.
pipisiwaaa: Had dis nitemare. I cooked soup usin human head.. Zzz totally crept me out! Then ghosts came to hunt me, uh suddenly I was in Disneyland WTF
phoenixcole: "She hid the weed in her DOWNTOWN BONANZA, to get it into disneyland."-Chance

WH1SKS: I can't wait to tweet live from @Toestubber's Golf Academy. It's almost magical, like Disneyland but without fat kids.
Vanessa_bby: Haha disneyland you smell like weed today haha
jennface: Two things: Peter Pan is an immature, elitist asshole in the beginning. And the guy who plays him at disneyland is way hot, haha!
Neilithic: Smoking cigars and drinking wine at Disneyland. Who says this place is for kids? Next time, sex in the Haunted Mansion! ;)
PRvero: - Rat at Disneyland. Gross!
chio7q7: No disneyland watching g-force with my parents n douche siblings instead...
Bob_Wetsel: this dude on To Catch a Predator "We could go to Disneyland, or Magic Mountain" lol fucking creep
qkookachoo: It's a fucking Disney movie. I want to see Woody Allen go take a whizz on the gates of Disneyland.
GradyAllen: why are there so many asains at disneyland? the only asian i would want here is @itowxxx and @oliverss
chatsidy: I fucked a nigga at sixflags had em thinkin he was in disneyland!
yayyitsnichole: - so i was overhearing these two girls talking about how RJ fucked you in disneyland i think...
SeanFamous: I had a weird dream about Porn, Disneyland, @thatboyBryant, and The Cat in the Hat. Hmmm
wearemosteller: OH MY WORD ... Just listened to the Vikings fight song that Prince released this week. I thought i was on a disneyland ride.


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