Dishney: Tweets From the Park!

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2010's first edition of Tweets From the Park, our weekly roundup of some of the best--and the worst--tweets from the park that's only sometimes the happiest place on earth. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

miapresley: WTF? Disneyland is sold out!!!!????!!! It's my fucking birthday let me in!!!!! Donald Duck was my first word. And this is ur thx???LET ME IN

dustin24k: #ifiseeonemore person wearing those ugly ass Crocs to Disneyland I will bust a Columbine all over them bitches

ManginaRocks: The hotties are out on Disneyland!!! Man they are hot..... how many can I bring home with me?

Smashleigh42: Yay, went to Disneyland today!! Watch the Christmas parade, Woody waved and blew me a kiss...I hope to God it was a hot guy in that suit...

sydjade: To whomever stole my mom's wallet, camera and flashlight at Disneyland: You're a complete jerk. I hope you fly off Big Thunder and die.

trecrazy: Wealthy white people CONFOUND me! Why the fuck would you bring your dog in a stroller to Disneyland? Gotta dinner date w/ goofy? Pluto?

TittayysMcGee: this nigga said " when maury says im not the father ima moon-walk to disneyland " lmfaoo wtf.

JozhMartinez: bunch of hot asians here at disneyland :)

QueenB_0613: Some crazy kids at disneyland wanted me to join there matrix club. WTF?!?!

fuckyoutaylr: Fuck Pleasanton, fuck family, fuck Disneyland and fuck everything.

princecudabear: I neeed it..cuz shawtii iz a killa nd I'm tht nigga :) um fuck disneyland !

ktmoney518: I wish fucked up people would die. Move the fuck on with your dam life. Back from disneyland and i feel like shiet.

TrillionareBoyz: #CantWait till she come back from @Florida my dick my knock her back in @DisneyLand ....A!..A!..A!... lmao

LoveCoatedPocky: is ready to fight the world with her new R2-D2 backpack from Disneyland. FUCK YEAH!

aaronrobbins: They have this cool new feature at Disneyland where if you stand in line with a sick kid you get sick yourself :(

Ammerhead: Old security people at Disneyland suck!!! Can u just die!! Or go into a home already!!! I'm over you!

kbakst: Why does $3.50 for a churro at Disneyland seem like a deal?

Braylinnn: @marqqb @NiZzLe23 yeahhh nigga cuz a bambi nap dont mean shit but u had a dream about disneyland


DIE4LA: LMAO!! Nancy just helped me COME up at DISNEYLAND!!!!! =) I Love this girl!

FayeGlamour: Kelly Ripa is totally on crack.if I was at disneyland id kick her ass.lmao

EricRoxNow: Getting rejected from entering disneyland is so not cool fml !!!

princess12toes: Sex at Disneyland hotel with fireworks lighting through the windows while I cum. *yum

GothamGal: There are some really odd people in line. And really, isn't Toad drunk during his ride? It's probably appropriate. #Disneyland

bobsaget: @JohnStamos and @DaveCoulier and me, at Christmas one year, drunk at Disneyland...


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