Dishney: Tweets From the Park!

Merry Christmas! So now that there are no more gifts left to unwrap, how 'bout this week's Tweets From the Park? Yup, even on Christmas we present to you this week's round-up the the funniest tweets from Disneyland Resort. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

SketchyC: Kickin it with Chuck Liddell at the Disneyland hotel..bout to pick a fight with his bitch ass  
KrystalSandoval: @Alexandddra Ahhhh fuckin gross "candy bracelets". Disneyland is for kids, not dumbass ravers.  
richardjbooth: At Disneyland with only 3 condoms! FML! 

brienzee: Disneyland is so fucking crowded. I don't even like disneyland. Fuck disneyland!  
lcsweeney: Just found out I got a lifetime pass to Disneyland when I was 3 because I was some special number guest and my parents lost it. WTF. 
KELivinlife: going tyo work some crazy tourist asked me to take a picture with her son?!! bitch to i look like miney mouse? is this disneyland? naw!  
DaisyFourTwenty: The only thing I wanna do is have sex in the tiki room at Disneyland right now.  
Christinoo: Wtf? An emo ginger at Disneyland??  
redeyejedisoto: I shit on both u! :)RT @ceehceeh: n soo many white bratz!! ha RT:@CodeRedroxy Disneyland never seen so many white people n my life. Haha  
mizz_peach: I got my shit stolen at disneyland and all u can tell me is to make a police report.... What about my disney shit u can't replace that?  
cassiebayy: Stupid man is telling us to chill WTF . It's disneyland where your dreams come true and now this guy is telling us to chill .  
blastereosloud: OMG! Disneyland is fucking PACKED right now, these people are fucking nuts!!!!! I've learned my lesson never to come here on a holiday!!  
Carinajoyce: Lady Gaga was amazing!! now I'm at disneyland eating at the character breakfast and Tigger played with my hair and gave me sex hair!!!!  
loonymoonydoll: Bitch had a pass to get to the front of the line because "she can't handle being around a lot of people at once." WHY WAS SHE AT DISNEYLAND?  
abraxis: At Disneyland now. A lot of strollers (naturally) and a disturbing amount of fat person scooters here.  
2FN_ATiFF: Still fuckin pissed. What kind of mother un-invites their daughter to Disneyland after over a year of planning?!  
mrsandmanSoCal: @dirtysnowbunny down and dirty sex is easy. Been to any bars lately? Its disneyland for your dick out there.  
ryanooo: If Disneyland could speak to me, I have a feeling it would say, "What the fuck? AGAIN?! Are you fucking kidding me?! Sigh...whatever."  
scotia626: at disneyland with kids waiting to buy park tickets and the smell of saturated fat is making me nauseated  
TraceeDF: HAHA Same fucking time every night were I think to myself.. 'WTF IS THAT NOISE!?' HAHA Stupid Disneyland, I'll never get used 2 the OC.  
BigT4ReaL: @Carterboy2 lol nigga u would of been in disneyland,that brazilian girl was there with that fat booty lol she gorgeous looks like pocahontas  
MikeyFrsh: So when you pay 15 bucks to park at disneyland you get a air freshner that's smells like shit. Thank you disneyland its appreciated 


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