Dishney: Tweets From the Park!

Hellooo and welcome to another edition of Tweets from the Park, where we round-up the funniest and the most irreverent tweets from Disneyland Resort all for you in one convenient space. Gather 'round and witness the questioning of the hygiene (and odor) of Disneyland visitors and kids getting caught drunk at the park. Faaaantastic. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

MrMKing: @OXTRAVAGANZA. When I went to disneyland all I saw was fucking china men walking around talking in droping fork and spoon talk.

TVsMatt: Disneyland lesson: there are a lot of people who walk around literally smelling like shit who apparently don't know so.

Missfit_Justyne: I just got denied into Disneyland not just because my sweatshirt said "fucking" but also because my t-shirt was flipping the bird.

littleliaa: Disneyland is way toooooo busy. And over populated by fucking asians!

RutlesMudaFucka: Guy applying to Disneyland and wearing a Disneyland polo shirt, fucking suck up


: Drunk at disneyland FT fucking W

braindeaf: Disneyland After Dark fucking rocked, but naked men in the jacquzi, sauna area fucking don't

22sammy31: Disneyland is a big boil that symbolises all the shit in the world

Kennyklein: ants should have their own disneyland, cause they're super good at lining up for shit.

raquelrox: Got caught drinking at Disneyland!!!!!! Ooo shit, good thing my friend and I are charming!

Chazzaface: places to have sex: car, park, cinema, theme park ride, disneyland, school, someone's couch that isn't my own, toilet at a gig

DJHeaven: At disneyland looking for Jessica Rabbit. Bday sex, bday sex!


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