Dishney: Tweets From the Park

Friday! Time for our weekly round-up of our favorite irreverent, strange tweets from Disneyland Park. Gold star this week goes to the dude who said being drunk at Disneyland makes it thaaaat much more magical of an experience. Suhweeet. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

seanfabulous: Fat America's body odor is making my Disneyland experience less magical.
mikecarano: Dear Disneyland, I appreciate your new crowd management ideas Pre-fireworks show. Too bad it sucks. Fuck you.
nevershouteden: writing a forced essay for my MOM on trust and respect for ditching the fam bam at disneyland. all to get my palm back. FUCK YOU.
Scender: @bobatl nah, I was 10 at Disneyland and a bird shit on my hand and my ice cream.... :-(

Olszewskij_740: Off to preach Jesus His mission and the way of the cross in Disneyland (America) as @expensiveguy puts it. Use me Lord, for your glory..
JimmySorrentino: I'm drunk at Disneyland right now. The magical kingdom seems just a little more magical.
watsonwelch: Disneyland reminds me that there are a lot of fat people in America. Too much Biggest Loser, not enough Dance Your Ass Off.


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