Dishney: Tweets From the Park

Everyone survive the week?

Don't worry, it's almost over... which also means it's time for our weekly feature, Tweets From the Park, where we round up the funniest, best and most irreverent tweets from Disneyland. Gold star this week to all the gals who chose to wear slutty costumes to the Happiest Place on Earth Halloween weekend. Follow us on Twitter at @OCWeekly!

joshmattvander: Disneyland won't let my niece in because her costume looks too much like Alice in wonderland?!?! WTF
timeforlivin: "I'm going to Disneyland" or "God gave me a world series ring". Changing the channel.
jeremyturner: So emberrassed. Somebody else just showed up wearing my Overweight Tourist at Disneyland costume! His is real good too. Extra knee rolls.
BillyTatu: Shit. I just unexpectedly bought a $350 Disneyland pass
alittletrendy: Parking. At Disneyland. This shit feels crowded. I might slap someone. Or their child.
JayKneeAnne: There are so many sluts at Disneyland right now! I wanna yell, "hey lady ur costume is too slutty for little kids to see, cover up bitch!"
alexander247: @theRealEsthero its those fuckin harajuku asian girls! their fucking amazing-they all flock to disneyland! ill post my gallery of them soon

yngstatic: @AshLeighBre86 DISNEYLAND!!! fucking i went it was only fun cuz i took ma lil 2 yr old sister other than that i felt way to old!!
dodgersfan65: at disneyland ..just saw a slut dressed like a nurse sorru i mean a woman dressed ad a slutly nurse
danisaurus27: Stupid Disneyland! They didn't let me enter w/ my Alice in wndrlnd costume that covers my knees but they let some slut w/ a costume...
richard_sans: RT @AlecMapa: Shanghai Disneyland. Because the Chinese love 101 Dalmations. That's wrong and yet so funny
tradevoorhees: First ride at Disneyland...The fucking Tram.
mikecarano:  Q: what goes left when I go left, slows at random, then when I back off to be curteous, slows to a crawl?
mikecarano: A: The fucking old lady in front of me at Disneyland.
jannak611: The slutty costumes even come out to Disneyland on Halloween. This is over the line people
Coramilton: I love the smell of CNG exhaust. I blame Disneyland.
ballerinagamer: Fact #7 - I've had sex at Disneyland


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