Okay, so this whole Twilight thing might be going too far...
Okay, so this whole Twilight thing might be going too far...

Dishney: Tweets From the Park!

It's Friday! Which can only mean one thing: Time for Tweets From the Park, where we gather all the worst, best, funniest, most disgusting and most confusing tweets from Disneyland Resort all in one convenient place for your reading pleasure. Our fave this week is most definitely the gal who said a certain Disney princess got thrown out of Disneyland... for sitting on Pinocchio's face. Sad. Face. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

Okay, so this whole Twilight thing might be going too far...
Okay, so this whole Twilight thing might be going too far...

josclud: Disneyland has a faggot prade. Like I swear. Every guy in this shit is a flamer! Ahahaha

thatonebitch: I think I saw one of the Baldwin brothers at Disneyland. I couldn't tell which one, he was fat... Does that help narrow it down?

yo_MAYES: RT @WillWackit: Disneyland never gets old

BCBerrie: BreakingNews - Snowwhite has been thrown out of Disneyland after sittin on Pinocchio's face singing tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.

TheDCFanProject: @MrsBieber69 I'm at Disneyland, which is my sex hotspot. #sorta

BenAndMatt: You shouldn't be allowed to enter Disneyland if you don't have kids. WTF? You're a grown up, find a bar.

Dakota_Rain: Disneyland with my mom for Xmas then cayman islands with my dad! This Christmas is gonna rule my dick!

xChristinaMarie: So they're not hiring any little mermaids at Disneyland. FML. oh and the little mermaid cant have tattoos. FML x 2

Pedwell: when i see hayden pannetiere on tv i get confused as to whether i want to have sex with her or take her to disneyland

Sarahbearstare: Um. Why the hell didn't they have "jedi training" at disneyland when i was a kid. Fucking letdown, i got gipped!

CptMattFUBAR: Disney movies and Disneyland are still magical. I dont give a fuck who you are or how old you are.

jvhdior: Fuck!! I have acid reflux!!! Argh!! Stupid ice cream cone at disneyland! Ttly woke up choking on barf! Yay! Sexy! Wahhhhh

djangowinwood: Fuck Disneyland. (Throws up gang sign for Legoland)

jacquelinelugo: Fuck you Disneyland for not having my favy corndog stand open. That's the main reason I came. What is this fuckery?!

abstracttbeauty: there's Gay day @ Disneyland .. I swear I be learning shit frm watchn tyra

GlaringxDream: just had the thought of "i wish i had a cellphone, so i can twitter from within the disneyland park" twitter, i hate what you've done to me.

Theoneupper: @kmieloveee what about going to Disneyland with me, fag?

lovekathy: Bull Shit security working at Disneyland profiling ppl but, Mike took care of it!

emanenders: disneyland fuckers, hate on a bitch!

johnwbyrd: Today, my mom was pickpocketed in Namibia, a gay man moved in with my Dad, and I'm going to Disneyland.

MaxFacepuncher: Goofy is a dick. Not allowed in Disneyland anymore.

allnitewatchman: I hate Disneyland. Bunch of amusement park nazis that run that place. No fun at all. Mickey Mouse even wrenched my hand when he shook it

JessieSedacy: @AndeeDarling lol its so sad, im turnin into one of those crazy old ladies with all the Disneyland buttons and jackets and shit :-/

nallyBITCH: gayyyyyyyyy can u hurry up n put in a request for yur bday n disneyland so we kan see if shit is gonna poppppp off or not.. @metaah

i_Erin: disneyland is hiring for the voice of Belle... my only question... do they give smoke breaks?

allnitewatchman: I did get to go to Disneyland courtesy of the paper company I worked for. I had a rotten time though. Almost got thrown out for spitting.

thecheckoutgirl: The 1st of every mo I pay my landlord what roughly equates to 10 days at Disneyland.When you measure in Disney dollars, that shit gets real.


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