Dishney: Insider Says Captain EO Will Be Back

Good news--kind of. Depending on who or what you want to believe, the Weekly has received an inside tip that the 3D space-y alien thriller starring Michael Jackson will indeed be returning to its former home at Tomorrowland just in time for Halloween festivities and that park officials have been keeping mum on the event just for the element of surprise (and hype).

The tip reads:

"Actually, I was in the theater last Friday, spoke with staff who had said that they ARE in fact planning a return of Captain EO. The creative staff (Imagineering) had been in the theater the day before to see how they could quickly install the old show before Halloween time.

My guess is that they are remaining silent on this issue to keep the element of surprise and to keep the park from being over run if they announce it too early.

Keep in mind, the show closed in 1998 at Disneyland, five years after any allegations. So that was not a factor in it leaving. It was an old show at the time.

A return right now is the perfect choice for Disney because now Michael Jackson is relevant again and there will be a draw. The show will still hold up and will be more well received than Honey I shrunk the Audience. This gives them time to plan a NEW show that will eventually be installed into the theater."

Nice! Now: Can you imagine the lines?? (But, of course, we'll probably be there anyway. We waited three hours for the Nemo submarine, after all.)

After the jump: More videos from Captain EO.


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