Dishney: Disneyland Tries Some Viral Marketing?

While browsing the very latest in cute cat videos from Japan (you think I'm joking, I'm sadly not), I couldn't help but notice the "Promoted Videos" sidebar on YouTube repeatedly featuring a handful of creepy ghost sighting videos from Disneyland. Three have been released so far, all by the same user,


: A strange apparition wandering the grounds of the Haunted Mansion, riding Space Mountain and California Adventures' Tower of Terror.

Most of the comments left by fellow YouTube users are pretty skeptical, attributing the spooky images to glares and whatever else, but no one's really seemed to notice user ghostsatdisneyland just joined on September 15 of this year. Juuust in time for the Halloween Time at Disneyland Resort shenanigans. Also? Whoever's pasting together these vids seems to have access to security tapes and whatever else.

All signs seem to point to a creative, fun viral marketing campaign. Good on you, Disney. (Of course, if you're looking for some real accounts of ghostly encounters at the park, just check out our post on five ghostly urban legends at Disneyland right here.)

After the jump: The last two of the ghost sighting videos. 


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