Dishney: Bats Day in the Fun Park!

It seems lots of organizations like to hold events inside Disneyland Resort--there's Gay Days, Candy Ravers Day, Vegan Day... even a Harry Potter Day. Though none of these events are officially sanctioned, Disney is usually more than accommodating with welcoming the groups.

One of the more famous events though, has to be Bats Day in the Fun Park, which might explain why you see a larger than normal amount of trenchcoated, bondage pants-wearing goth and industrial kids running around the park once a year.

As Bats Day organizer, 39-year-old LA graphic artist Noah Korda, told Rich Kane in 2003: "It's just a big oxymoron," says Korda. "It started out in 1999 as kind of a farce--here's this mopey group of people showing up where all this happiness and innocence is supposed to be. But it's gotten so popular partly because I don't think anyone's ever put this much work into doing something for this group of people before."

Dishney: Bats Day in the Fun Park!
Janine Kahn

Goth/industrial and deathrock promoters, Absynthe and Release the Bats, started Bats Day in the Fun Park in August 1999.

As their website explains, what was supposed to be just a way for people with similar interests to gather together (a meetup!) has grown exponentially in popularity: "It was once told to me, what started out as a small group of goofy, creepy death rockers going to Disneyland, has grown into its own institution and is just crazy and amazing. At the first official Bats Day, there was only about 80 people. At the second Bats Day, there was just over 200 people. The best thing is that everyone who goes to Bats Day can just leave all their cares and worries at the gate, and just have a fun time. May Bats Day in the Fun Park be around every year."

Since then, Bats Day--now going on its 11th consecutive year--has expanded into an entire weekend of events, including a festival with bands and DJs; a Black Market vendor fair; a dinner meet-and-greet; gala and, of course, the actual Bats Day in the Fun Park.

This year's Bat Day Weekend will take place this April 30 through May 2. Tickets are on sale now, but some packages are already sold out! Visit for more info.


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