Dishney: An Update on the Captain EO Non-Update

Earlier, we discussed the possibility of the return of Michael Jackson's 3D alien thriller Captain EO to Disneyland's Tomorrowland--bumping off Honey, We Shrunk the Audience for its original home at the Magic Eye Theater.

Amongst the various issues on resurrecting the film, there's the logistical, time costly stuff like the matter of re-mastering the original film for today's audience and today's technology, and re-fitting the theater with new special effects.

Despite all that, all-things-Disney ultimate fansite MiceAge is reporting that Disneyland President Ed Grier and planners have held several meetings to consider the possibility of the return of Captain EO just in time for this year's Halloween Time promotion.

Disneyland, however, still remains totally silent on the matter. A statement we received this morning from the park's Media Relations Department reads, "We are constantly evaluating our attraction and entertainment offerings in order to provide our Guests with the best possible experience. At this time, we have nothing new to announce."

So, uh, yeah. There you go.


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