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Dish Network Wants Accused Orange County Satellite Pirate To Pay $6.4 Million Penalty

Piracy focus
Piracy focus

Dish Network is asking a federal judge in Orange County to grant it summary judgment against a Little Saigon man who allegedly operated a satellite piracy website and order him to pay $6,376,600 in damages.

Tan Nguyen, a single father of two young boys in Westminster, told the Weekly that he was not aware of any satellite codes posted at his Ftaforall site and shouldn't be held responsible, especially because he claims he did not profit from distribution of the information.

But lawyers for Dish say they have uncovered proof that Nguyen's Ftaforall posted at least 36 software files that were downloaded 31,883 times by individuals seeking to circumvent the network's security system and decrypt commercial programming codes.

The company's lawyers--Chad M. Hagan, Stephen M. Ferguson of Houston and David A. Van Riper of Tustin--are demanding that Nguyen be permanently enjoined from committing future software piracy and engaging in all activities designed to intercept Dish Network's signal. 

A hearing is scheduled in U.S. District Court Judge James V. Selna's courtroom inside Santa Ana's Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse on Feb. 11.  

Selna has previously ordered the parties to participate in settlement negotiations.

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