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Director's Own Words: Travis Robb of "Black Winter"

"The day we did the heli shoot [mentioned here], we knew the snow was going to be really deep. So when we flew up to our first landing area, Eric Jackson, stepped out of the heli and plunged up to his arm pits in the snow. He was really stuck because the snow had a thick wind crust on it and this made it so Eric could not take a step forward. So the rest of us remained in the heli and had a good laugh at Eric while he floundered in the snow until he could swim a few feet forward. . . . It was some of the deepest snow i had ever seen to date."

--Travis Robb, director of Black Winter, which showcases the annual progression of individual members of a select group of professional snowboarders.

Black Winter plays at 5:30 tonight at Edwards Island Cinemas. Go here for ticket info.


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