Director's Own Words: Chris Kitchen of "Freedom Riders"

Director Chris Kitchen films a mountain biker in Freedom Riders.
Director Chris Kitchen films a mountain biker in Freedom Riders.

"There were some glances exchanged and a few tense moments, but eventually we ended up talking about our respective projects and agreeing to join forces. After the success of Freedom Riders, we have embarked upon several other projects together."

--Chris Kitchen, director of Freedom Riders, who along with his co-producer Sam Pope encountered Jake Hawkes, the director of photography of a similar indie production, trying to shoot the same monthly trail-building day in Wyoming's Teton Pass.

Kitchen's documentary is about mountain bikers who carved illegal trails in the Tetons before making an unprecedented pact with the U.S. Forest Service that allowed the "freeride" cyclists to maintain one trail. The filmmaker talks more about the challenges in making the film in "Going to Extremes to Get the Shot."

His crew included Brian Garson, who spent a summer break from film studies at Chapman University in Orange helping shoot the film. Garson, who also spent a month or so on post production, turns up in the Freedom Riders' credits as associate producer, assistant editor and production associate.

Freedom Riders screens at 4:45 p.m. today at Edwards Island Cinemas. Go here for ticket info.

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