Did the New Yorker Rip Off a Mexican?

I did a double take today upon looking at the latest issue of the New Yorker, the one on the right on the left. It looks suspiciously like the image on the left on the left drawn last year in February by Lalo Alcaraz, iconic Chicano cartoonist and author of the syndicated comic La Cucaracha. Now, I know that everyone rips everyone off, but can anyone point to an image of Obama-as-Washington dated before Lalo's much-better version (the New Yorker image, btw, was drawn by Drew Friedman, one of my all-time favorite comic drawers)? And can anyone say what exactly is the comparison or joke?

*Note to readers: Lalo doesn't live in Orange County, but he once did a great op/ed cartoon back in 1994 ridiculing that year's county bankruptcy, so he's an honorary naranjero por vida.


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