Did Disneyland Try Viral Video Promotion of Summer Nightastic?

The YouTube video above supposedly captures a young man proposing marriage to his girlfriend in the middle of Disneyland's Main Street USA. But as MousePlanet points out, the whole thing reeks of a stunt to promote the new Summer Nightastic spectacular by hoping the "amateur" video goes viral.

There are several clues the proposal was staged:

-The would-be groom is obviously a professional performer.

-The area the crowd is giving up is too perfectly shaped.

-No crowd is that polite, not even at the Happiest Over-Your-Credit-Card-Limit Maker on Earth.

-Harbor Boulevard hobos break into song unprovoked. Prickily heated tourists do not.

-The dance folks just happen to break into was obviously choreographed.

-The lighting appears to have been hauled in from the set of a Disney Channel tween sit-com.

-MousePlaneteers identified many "spectators" as members of Disneyland's entertainment department.

-Rooftop cameras were used to capture wide-angle shots.

-The street-level camera crew is visible at different points in the video.

-Wireless microphones worn by participants are exposed.

But, as MousePlanet so astutely points out, the video may have had an unintended side effect: "A cast member tells us that the resort has seen a recent increase in the number of people who call the Guest Relations and Fairy Tale Weddings departments to inquire about staging their own proposal at Disneyland, but, as MousePlanet reader 'MrZombie' discovered when he called, the options are limited."

In other words, don't except to be offered use of roof cams, wireless mics and the chorus line from the Aladdin stage show.

Meanwhile, if the idea was to turn video viewers on to summer programming, the reaction to "Disneyland Musical Marriage Proposal" was mixed on YouTube. Some select comments:

"Fake and staged." -SupremeEffort

"So fake it is not even fun watching." -Rastamut

"This dude is not straight, and you're nuts if you think this was real." -lixthatsit

"And they did the whole thing all over again the next day." -Yulyu89

"They lived happily ever after . . . until John fucked the ticket girl at admissions." -landyl


However, as usual, the Mouse gets the last laugh. The video had 643 additional comments to those and 82,645 YouTube views at last count.


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